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Identity creation

Handmade, unisex clothing made to measure. Just missing the logo!

We liked it so much that we had corporate thrillers made!


When we met Tiska design, she made many types of clothing and everything was made to measure. It was called Création SL (Création Sandy Lacerte) and it

e wanted to increase the visibility of his business and start supplying points of sale with his clothes. After long discussions, we came to the conclusion that the logo she had was not suitable and really too niche. Its logo was a thimble with a thread and a needle.

A shop agreed to take his clothes and we had 3 weeks to do everything. The choice of the name should be done in 2 days so that we quickly start the logo and that she sends it in printing for her labels which go on and in the clothes are ready for the delivery in store. A good challenge as much on the speed of execution as on the creative aspect. The word Tiska comes from Icelandic and means “mode” or “fashion”. What is interesting is that Iceland is the country known to have the greatest gender equality in the world. It works well with the fact that the company mostly makes unisex clothing.

We were looking for something simple, but aesthetically beautiful. Sleek and elegant, but without overdoing it since the company wants its clothes to be accessible to everyone. After a lot of research we came up with this

Roll-up de la marque Tiska

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