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Equals without Ego

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Identity creation, Logo, Strategy, Website

Mental hardness! Mental toughness.

Those who have seen the “Boys” films will understand.


Equal without ego was a great discovery this year. It all started when a friend put us in touch with Catherine d’Égaux without ego. We had a good connection from the beginning and finally the project we had started with her completely changed and her company too, at the same time.

The organization she had started a year ago was still looking for itself. She was in an environment where it was difficult to access, but also which was not the most lucrative. She therefore hired us to develop a strategy that would allow her to better reach her target and position herself as an expert. After a few minutes of strategic consultation, we came to the conclusion that his organization and his own vision of the future were perhaps not focused on the right target or the right industry.

Indeed, she enjoyed working with teenagers and young adults to help them become better future citizens, but she was currently working with organizations that treat addictions, as well as those that help women who are victims of violence. The strongest finding is that based on what she enjoyed dealing with the people she works with, the sports community included all of these spheres. Addiction, performance anxiety, ego, etc.

In addition, if she wanted to work with teenagers and young adults, she could target sports programs in schools that have budgets and therefore can pay for her services. Since we were changing target, industry and way of offering services, she commissioned us to redo the entire identity of her new company. The creation of a logo and its variations, adapting the identity to different platforms and the development of its new (and first) website.

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