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Entrepôt de la lunette

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Photography, Video

The biggest campaign in their history

We have been approached to carry out a large-scale campaign for distribution throughout Quebec and the Maritime Provinces.

The eyewear warehouse has chosen the Koda agency to produce its TV ad / video and photo web ad for the biggest campaign in its history. A campaign that brings together 3 provinces in two different languages and that will promote their 16+ branches.

We had quite a big challenge since they wanted a human and emotional campaign while specifying the reason that they are “simply cheaper”. In 30 seconds, it is difficult to make people feel emotions, but by adding corporate details, it becomes quite a challenge. We provided several scenarios to the company with several approaches until two concepts particularly appealed to them.

There was the narration where the bezel speaks and the one where we follow a family in their daily life. In the end, as you can see, they finally chose to take the one that the bezel is talking about. Then we had to choose locations and coordinate the shoots for our film crew and our extras. We worked very closely with the company’s marketing director throughout the project since it was important to respect the company’s brand image and we had to have a stylist responsible for ensuring that the glasses are always clean and well placed in the faces of the extras.

A project that is a success for our biggest video campaign to date.

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