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Atlas of Mi’gmaq and Malecite Sites and Uses of the Marine St. Lawrence

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Geospatial data processing, Web mapping

Atlas des sites et usages mi’gmaqs et malécites du saint- laurent marin des communautés de gesgapegiag, gespeg et wahsipekuk (viger)

As part of this project, we have developed a complete web Atlas of sites and uses in collaboration with the staff of the Association de gestion halieutique Mi’gmaq et Malécite (AGHAMM).

The web maps developed for this Atlas were produced partly using tools from ESRI’s ArcGIS Online solution and partly using the JavaScript Leaflet web mapping API. Overall, this Web Atlas consists of a home page presenting various information on the Mi’gmaq and Maliseet communities of the marine St. » presenting the Mi’gmaq and Malecite usage sites.

This project is a good example of how web mapping can be used to disseminate information on natural resource management issues, social issues and environmental issues.

website link : http://atlas.aghamm.ca/

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