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think otherwise.

do it differently.

We buy what we believe in. You need a positioning and a clear message that brings people together. It takes personality and audacity! Stand out in a unique way to have a positive impact on your industry.

What does your company believe in and who do you do it for?




01 Web Strategy

02 Brand Strategy

03 Accompaniment

04 Advertising placement



01 Video Production

02 Photography

03 Copywriting / seo

04 Advertising campaign

05 Tiktok / Instagram real



01 Social networks

02 Graphics

03 Employer brand

04 Design / branding

Our achievements

it makes you talk!

“We were greatly impressed with their handling of the latest technologies. The speed of execution and visual quality make their work an exemplary turnkey service. We have initiated an inspiring business partnership. »

-Philippe Lafontaine, partner at Theron

“Our recruitment campaign really exceeded our expectations. From the quality of videos to the success of advertisements. Everything was very well executed. »

-Éric Saint-Laurent, General Manager at Acier Rayco

“I used Koda to open my store and let me tell you…they were amazing from the first call to launching the business (and beyond!). They were incredibly creative and knew what they were doing. The whole team I worked with was great! And the photos and videos they took exceeded my expectations! I was so happy to see the end results. »

-Dawn Francom, owner at DeliVrac

Marketers’ favorite drink? The brand(y)!