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Welcome to our new website!

Big announcement… we merged 🚨😎

In business, we always live in many kinds of situations. We won’t hide it, we always need strong people around us to support us. CDG Developer and Quokka Marketing were two companies located at DigiHub and that’s where we met. You could easily say it clicked immediately.

Over time, we have built strong ties between our two growing teams / companies. Each of us on our side confided in, supported and helped both from a personal and business point of view. We lived similar realities, our offices were literally 5 seconds apart, we were born around the same time and we had started sharing clients. After 2 years, we had an idea…. Merging our companies, Quokka Marketing and CDG Developer, to launch a technology marketing agency called KODA! Koda, in addition to meaning “friend” in Japanese, is a mixture of KODAk and CODAge. A good mix between programming, business intelligence / databases and geomatics from CDG developer and strategy, photo / video content creation and branding from Quokka Marketing. Thanks to the merger, we can say that all our services are now in-house. Both website development and graphic design, programming or content creation. We are really excited for what is to come and the potential growth of our new business. We are now a team of 7 and we are already in the hiring process for new positions. Thank you all for following us and for the support you give us!

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