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Brand manifesto

Your brand is unique and it should be thought about, presented and shared in its own way. For us, there is no middle ground. Either we decide to be extraordinary or we are part of the average.

We put a lot of importance on people because it’s the relationships we build with people that make the difference.

We all have a story that deserves to be heard.

Always be curious, bold and present. Stand out differently, better and with more fun!


Ubuntu is a very strong term of African origin. It translates directly to “humanity”.

It means “I am who I am because we are together”. Success would not be possible for us if you are not successful. This is how we attack our mandates and build our relationships. You have to be there for each other and work together

the origin

The name Koda came from the words CODAge and KODAk. A mixture of two companies that have merged to unite programming / geomatics and content creation / marketing services.

Later, we discovered that Koda in Japanese means friend. It was really a happy coincidence that confirmed to us that this simple but meaningful little word was the right one to describe our company.

We always tell our clients that we have to be constant in our way of being and what we send as an image to people. These tips, we apply them with a name that represents our approach and way of being.

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Maxime Cédilot


Creative and rigorous, this is the strange mix that Maxime offers us and it is the perfect mix for a marketing strategist.

Edouard Blais

Geomatics Analyst Programmer

Rigorous and poised, Édouard is a resource with 1000 interests. From law to geology, and finally to geomatics programming, he excels in his role as a React front-end developer.

Jean Poliquin

Web programmer

What you see is what you get. Reserved, but you know what they say: calm before the storm! - Web development │ PHP │ Wordpress

Sarah Lemaire

Graphic designer

Art is a means of expression to illustrate ideas and concepts that we cannot find the words. A positive, dynamic person who listens to new trends (one even wonders if she is not ahead of them).   Artistic direction 👩‍🎨 │ Web design │ Identity creation │ Design

Maxime Bouchard Roy

Filmmaker & photographer

We all have our own way of doing, living and experiencing things. We must not be afraid to be who we are and to express ourselves. Video and photography are great ways to tell our/your stories.   Filmmaker & photographer 📸 │ L'art │ Identity creation │ Design

Xavier Gervais

Geomatics analyst programmer
Computer science

Xavier is a very methodical person. His great analytical skills allow him to develop Web applications / databases, according to the needs of the client. Extremely reliable and qualified, he ensures that everything is protected against cybersecurity threats.

Marc-André Ratté

Web and advertising project manager

Digital neophile and assumed nerd, I have already worked with more than twenty digital tools. I will show you that by having a strong image, by “tracking” your conversions and by optimizing your campaigns, success is not a coincidence.

Francis Petitclerc

Strategist & content creator

Be yourself. The others are already taken! A big child at heart and always curious to discover new things. I like having fun, going on adventures and people. #branding  #filmmaker  #marketing  #trucsmarketing

Charles De Grandpré

Geomatics analyst programmer

Who said science couldn't be fun? Scotch fanatic, passionate about sports and the environment.   Geospatial Applications 📍 │ Web development & geomatics │ Web mapping │ Building Intelligent Modeling


We develop unique and noticeable brands with innovative technological tools and creative strategies. All thanks to a solid strategy unique to you.

We are here to support you in creating the personality and soul of your business.


We believe in collaboration to grow together and in pleasure. That technology is an important tool when the human is at the center of it. That with imagination and audacity, companies can stand out in a unique way and have a positive impact on their industry. A brand has a very high value and is the only thing that cannot be imitated. Bring businesses closer to their community in order to create real relationships.




The way we see things greatly influences our present and future. No bad situation is permanent and there is always room for joy.



Get the facts on what’s going on and how things are working. When everyone knows what to expect, communications are much more effective.


We want to be super accessible and present for our customers. Whether professional or personal, having someone to rely on makes things easier and more fun. Being there when it matters and even when it matters less.


Being interested in lots of subjects and wanting to discover new things is important. It keeps the mind open and alert. There is so much to learn and discover.

We had a great joke!
But the client did not approve it…